• Navigation improvements
  • New rural area in the east of the map
  • New building for Rescue Station 06
  • New building for Fire Department 12
  • Fixed multiple doors --> Rescue of persons is now possible
  • Multiple small fixex


  • Navigation improvements
  • New HIghway patrol station in the south-west of the map
  • New building for Fire Department 10
  • Added new fire alarm systems
  • Fixed multiple doors --> Rescue of persons is now possible
  • Multiple small fixex


  • Added a Unimog5023 Tanker for Fire Department 12
  • Added several vehicles for the highway patrol
  • Hazmat suits, SCBA's and infection prevention suits are now stowed uniformly

    >>> GW-ATS & AB-ATS = Hazmat-Suits + SCBA's / AB-DEKON = Hazmat-Suits / AB-MANV = infection prevention suits
  • WSW Repair Service: Error in the steering fixed


Überarbeitete Einsätze

  • Ambulance transport is now set via EventTag and will only spawn in predefined buildings
  • Reworked several traffic accidents
  • Probably fixed train accident crash --> Removed EM20_Civil_Person


  • Fixed FireBridgeComponent (fire propagation via gas lines)
  • New FireBridgeComponent icons
  • Fire fighters in hazmat suits can now use rapid deployment
  • Fixed mp sync problems when a person exits a vehicle (selection change)
  • Removed the rescue timer for buildings. People cant die in buildings anymore except the building collaps.
  • Fixed a crash when diverting vehicles with a police officer
  • Fixed a crash when placing units with the green placement box
  • Difficulty level will reset when quit the game
  • Fixed immunity of the lieutenant and the operator at luedenscheid map
  • Fixed a bug at the equipment gui. Overlaps, incorrect displays, ... should now no longer occur
  • Status overlay of the respiratory protection monitoring has a new color
  • New warning sound for respiratory protection monitoring --> If the respiratory protection monitoring is active and the breathing air of a firefighter drops to 25%, a whistle blows
  • Checkot CTRL + SHIFT