The Emergency Lüdenscheid 0.9.2 is now available as an update in the launcher :)



  • Reconstruction area in the north-east of the map
    - Demolition of high-rise buildings, construction of a new single-family housing development, construction of a new church
  • Construction of event area new was completed
  • Event-area old demolished (parking lot) and built on with single-family houses


  • Several erroneous inputs fixed
  • Navigation improved


  • Linzing civil police car was replaced by new Audi A8L
  • fixed skin error at 02-NAW-01
  • PTZ 2 & PTZ 3 added at Lüdenscheid
  • Water cannon sync problem from 12-TLF fixed
  • Fixed bug with visualization of respiratory protection monitoring on vehicles
  • Removed at LDS:
    • Air surveillance NRW
    • GW-W
    • Solingen & Remscheid NEF + LNA
  • Vehicle avatars / icons added / changed


  • New modular event system implemented - The new functions are however still deactivated --> Coming with the 1.0.0
    (Activated for now only the display how many people are trapped in the vehicle)
  • Fires (buildings, industry, gas stations, forest, ...) now run through our own Advanced-Fire-Event
    • FoF now activated for all fires --> random if FoF or not
    • New fires: gas station fire, industrial fire (without GSG)


  • Adjustments to the event pools of both maps (e.g.: higher trigger chance for firefighting missions)
  • New icons for water management
  • New function of the group leader: Via "SHIFT" you can now switch between: "Feed own vehicle THROUGH other vehicle" or "Feed other vehicle WITH own vehicle".
  • Increase of the MANV & SEG tent capacity from 5 to 6 PAX
  • Adjustment in alarm level increase. All vehicles within the map are available at all times. External forces from alarm level 1
  • Persons in decon suits can now also cut persons out of vehicles
  • Vehicle names are now displayed in German again when English language is used (wish)
  • Bug in immunity of machinists fixed
  • Fixed crash when run LDS with Emergency 5 as client (medieval objects cause crash for people with EM5)