It may be difficult to imagine how much time goes into the development of a modification. What behind the scenes in modding is known to almost no one. With our developer blog, we would like to give you a little insight into this. We will let you know what we have done in the last month: What we have tested, built in or discarded. You will get exclusive insights into progress, setbacks, changes, completions and much more. If you want to be always up2Date and get exclusive knowledge about innovations, changes, etc., then check out the developer blog and read it carefully.

As today will be our first developer blog, we will not only look at July, but go further afield.



A few months ago, Sebastian started a new development of the event system. The aim was to create a modular system with which you can cover almost everything in terms of events. Away from many individual systems to one big modular one. This has been in testing for some time now. You can already find a small part of it in 0.9.2. It is about the display of how many people are still trapped in the object (car, old clothes container, ...). This display belongs to the command: "Explore situation", which comes into play with 1.0.0. In future, the situation must first be investigated; this can be done by the A/B/C service, the commanding officer, but also by the personnel of the fire brigade. After the assessment of the situation, a symbol appears above the object to indicate how many people are trapped. Then the rescue of people can begin.

You often hear: the police are boring, the police hardly have anything to do... Well, you could secure the area properly and set up diversions, but that's another matter. Anyway, we took this to heart and thought about what tasks the police could be given. That's where evidence, gawpers and witnesses come in. Witnesses have to be questioned and gawpers have to be sent away. It is quite possible that they will not be sent away so easily and will attack the police officers. What is it about evidence? Serious accidents must be investigated. Therefore, in the case of major incidents, make sure that evidence is seized/investigated. In the case of air accidents, by the way, the BFU is responsible for this.

Accidents can also result in the escape of operating fluids. Vehicle parts can be left lying around, which is where the public utilities come into play and have to remove vehicle parts. But also environmental protection vehicles, e.g. the GW Environment, are now required at the scene and have to bind and dispose of operating materials.


Now we have already revealed a great deal on this subject, but by no means everything. However, the modular event system can do much more. Of course, we don't want to reveal everything and will perhaps go into more detail in a later developer blog. But you can definitely look forward to what is still to come here. If you browse the ideas section, you will find many great ideas marked "planned" or "implemented". You can now work out for yourselves what else belongs to the modular event system.


We have already built our own map for Wuppertal. Private changes, Covid-19 and many other things, however, made sure that progress was slow. Nevertheless, areas were always 95% completed. Why 95%? We always say: The last 5% takes as much time as the first 95%. The last 5% are the finishing touches, the detailing and the final check. Many people like to skip these steps. However, it is important to us that you see the attention to detail. We don't want loveless big asphalt/concrete surfaces. No, we want to take our time and offer you something beautiful. In the last few weeks, an immense amount of time has been invested in Brandstedt. The road network has been built, areas have been defined, guards have been planned and provisionally placed on the map, some of them without guard buildings, and construction has started. The first tests are also taking place to configure the navigation correctly right from the start.


How big will Brandstedt be?

The map will be a lot bigger than Linzing, but smaller than Lüdenscheid. A good average will provide a great gaming experience for all players. So that you don't have to wait indefinitely, we will publish the map in 3-4 steps: First, we will publish a map section that is comparable to Linzing or even a bit larger.

What can you expect from Brandstedt?

  • Air rescue station (Christoph10 + Hummel)
  • Large industrial plants
  • Nuclear power plan
  • Large rural area with many farms, fields, forests
  • Two highways
  • Two densely populated urban areas
  • Narrow driveways and winding alleys
  • Many small details, parks, parking lots in the forest
  • Big differences in altitude
  • much more...


We don't know yet when Brandstedt will become a playable map. However, we will keep you informed about new areas and maybe show you how we are building them in a stream.


Would you like to support us as a mapper? Then apply here.


It is the issue that bothers us all the most. Hours of testing, documenting and recording have been done just to find out what the problem is. Why is the floor gone? What happened before? What was done? Is it perhaps due to a vehicle or an object on the map? Everything was combed through. The load on the CPU, GPU and RAM, everything was documented and recorded in detail. Hours and hours were invested in a possible solution and now the problem is fixed.

In our tests, the modification runs more than satisfactorily. In the past, the graphics engine often crashed after 15-20 minutes (ULTRA), now this happens much later. If the graphics engine has crashed, you can now reset it with "F7". This is the first step in the right direction.

We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into the current happenings with our first developer blog. The look behind the scenes might let some of you understand how much work such a modification entails and that certain "features", even if they are still so small, need many weeks in development and testing.

If you like it, if we should stream again, or if you have any other comments: Write it in the comments :) We look forward to your reactions 8)

Kind regards

Your Luedenscheid Team