Developer Blog #3

Here we go. We're back with another developer blog.

What happened in the last month?


The modular event system has been extended again. This time it is about the leakage of operating materials. This can occur in a wide variety of ways. In the case of accidents, operating fluids can leak out, which have to be bound. A truck can have a technical defect, whereby the leak and manhole cover are sealed and the already leaked operating materials must be bound. However, a leak can also occur unnoticed, while driving. In this case, the OIL track must be driven off with the OSF. In most cases, the vehicle comes to a standstill somewhere. In the worst case, this can also lead to a traffic accident.


With the 1.0 there is another big change at the Lüdenscheid map. The BF03 is spun off and is now no longer called "Fire Department" but "Plant Fire Department". In addition, the new plant fire department also gets new vehicles and new skins. There are the following changes in the vehicle fleet:

  • Instead of KTW --> RTW
  • Instead of TLF --> GTLF
  • Instead of MTW --> ELW-C
  • Instead of AB-RÜST --> ÖSF


You're just about to take the elevator to the 4th floor and enjoy your after-work pizza. Suddenly there is a bang. The elevator stops moving and you're stuck. Well, at least you have the pizza with you ;) Still, at some point you want to get out again. We have now taken care of this. The colleagues of 112 will save you. At Emergency Lüdenscheid there are three phases.

  1. First you alert the requested forces
  2. You send the necessary personnel into the building and the situation is explored.
  3. After the situation has been assessed, A) the person is rescued and the operation is over or B) the person is rescued and the RD is called in due to an injury.


Watch out it gets wet! One group of players will like it, the other group of players will hate it. We love it :D So far it has been easy. Every hydrant always worked, gave infinite water, ...! With the new feature, hydrants can now be broken. This is determined at random at the beginning of the game. Of course, we made sure that it does not get out of hand. Enclosure: A defective hydrant can be repaired easily with the public utilities. The function is then immediately restored.


The vehicle / unit buttons come directly from Emergency. We can add some, but the order, the arrangement, ... ... always comes directly from Emergency. Unfortunately, we also reach our limits here. On the one hand we want to offer more and more, on the other hand the number of buttons is limited. So that we can bring nevertheless always further new things into the game, we took care of a Sub-Command system. There have already been some changes here. Among other things, the buttons for technical assistance have been combined and the new buttons for environmental protection have been added:

What you can also see here: There is now a button with which you can take off the protective equipment in the vehicle again. This is something that some of you have asked for.


Highway operations are always critical. Little space, no emergency lane and cars / trucks that drive all the way to the front. To prevent this, we have installed a highway guidance system. The police can now close the highway completely, so that the accident site remains free and you have enough space to work.

The status of the control system can be changed via the E-box. In case of a full blockade, blockers are activated that stop civilian traffic but let the units through.


Many hours have already gone into Brandstedt again. The navigation is constantly tested and revised. Blockers are set. Roads are re-routed, areas are rebuilt, ... Everything so that it is just perfect in the end. We would like to give you a few insights again this time:

Descripition: New guard building for FF23 - Seedorf | Very detailed scrap yard | Farm with storage areas and view of the highway

Descripition: Gravel parking lot near the industrial building | apartments including gas tanks (can explode) | traffic circle with very nicely detailed interior surface.

Descripition: Charité - University Hospital Brandstedt

We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into the current happenings with our developer blog. The look behind the scenes may let you understand how much work such a modification involves and that certain "features", even if they are still so small, need many weeks in development and testing.

If you like this, maybe we should stream again, or you have any other remarks: Write it in the comments :) We are looking forward to your reactions 8)

best regards

your Luedenscheid Team