Here we go. We're back with another developer blog.

What happened in the last month?


As you have already noticed in other developer blogs, there are some changes in the fleet of Lüdenscheid. Vehicles were newly purchased, or equipped with new special signal systems. But also skins were adapted, or completely renewed.


Severe weather conditions, GSG accidents, ... many things can happen. But how to inform a lot of population? Or better said: How can you annoy other players? :P This is possible from 1.0 with the MTWs. It has no influence on the game. But if you like roleplaying, you will surely like this function.


Everyone has their own preferences. Some like it when all alerted vehicles are announced, others don't like it. So that you can decide for yourself what you want to hear in the future, there is now a new setting option.


The design of the ground markers has changed a bit. The "H" in the center of the helicopter landing zone has been removed. Instead, a text has been added.

Text has also been added to the Fox pump, collapsible basin and water switch:


Many hours have already gone into Brandstedt again. The navigation is constantly tested and revised. Blockers are set. Roads are re-routed, areas are rebuilt, ... Everything so that it is just perfect in the end. We would like to give you a few insights again this time:

Description: Fire Station for the Donnbach volunteer fire department and the "German Red Cross". Vehicles: HLF, MLF, RW, GW-L2 | LNA SÜD, NEF, RTW, RTW, GW-SAN

Description: On the left you can see an urban area in the southeast of Brandstedt. On the right you can see the Brandstedt train station, which is located in the south of Brandstedt. Directly to the left is the FF21 - Donnbach.

Description: A beautiful view into the center of Brandstedt. Here you can see how hilly Brandstedt is and what special tasks await the rescuers. Small and narrow residential streets, differences in altitude, densely wooded areas, ...

Description: Brandstedt lives from many small details. We are curious if you will find them all. On the right you can see a traffic junction. Many important roads converge here. It goes high up to the southeast of the city, where, among other things, an on and off ramp of the highway is located. To the right is the most frequented hospital, the Charité Uniklinik Brandstedt. Going down, the road leads directly to the center of the city. If an accident happens here, you should quickly ensure a proper detour.

We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into the current happenings with our developer blog. The look behind the scenes may let you understand how much work such a modification involves and that certain "features", even if they are still so small, need many weeks in development and testing.

If you like this, maybe we should stream again, or you have any other remarks: Write it in the comments :) We are looking forward to your reactions 8)

best regards

your Luedenscheid Team