It's that time again. We're back with another developer blog.

What happened in the last month?


November was a rather stressful month for us. Nevertheless, we tried to put as much free time as possible into the mod. We are always happy when we can present something completely new to you, but the new things also have to be tested and adapted, which we did intensively in November. When you put something new in and test it, a lot of times you get, "Oh that would still be cool." "That should still be changed." "That could still be added." and and. In any case, we are already really hyped and look forward to finally being able to present you the 1.0. :)


We have already presented or mentioned our own events & systems several times. Especially with regard to our "In-House Event System", there might still be some catching up to do, since in the Ideas & Wishes section there are always discussions about events that fit exactly to this system. First of all: We want to build up a certain tension for 1.0 and therefore don't want to reveal everything in detail in advance. That's why we won't list everything in detail about the new events that will be available later on. Just take a look at the developer blogs, try to understand the new event systems and what you can do with them. Then you will quickly realize what there will be later ;) Especially with the in-house events. There is so much possible. Just let yourself be surprised.


Outreaches live from sounds. Exactly that, we can realize with the in-house events.

Each mission has its own sounds that make each scene seem even more realistic. When you get to the "broken elevator" you hear banging and screaming. If the fire department is working on the door, you hear working sounds. If the police are alerted to "Domestic Violence", you will hear people arguing. It sounds like a small thing. However, if it were not there, something would be missing. From a programming point of view, it is not a small thing :)


The modding scene lives on 3D models of all kinds. Buildings, vehicles, objects, ... the more there are, the more diverse a modification becomes. That's why we would like to say THANK YOU to all creators who support us and many others. Only if we stick together and all pull together, we can create cool things. We have also discovered this area for ourselves. If you follow the development of Brandstedt, you might have noticed that we build all our guards ourselves. But this does not only concern Brandstedt. At Lüdenscheid, too, the motto is: "Under Construction". Numerous guard buildings are being newly built, allowing us to bring more diversity back into the game. If anyone out there needs a guard building, feel free to contact us. If we can help, we will be happy to do so and build something for others as well :)


As already announced above, the excavators are currently rolling at Lüdenscheid. There will be a lot of changes. Among other things, the main fire station has been given a completely new building. But also the vehicle fleet has changed. Here are a few insights:



The rescue service station 04 has also changed. There are new skins and a new guard building:


The Brandstedt plant fire department has received a new fire station:

The building owns to the offices on the 1st floor on an annex with a decon storage, as well as a workshop.

  • Lost Rescue-Leader? In the future, he can be selected from the vehicle via a button (identical to the group leader).
  • Ambulances & Doctor Cars turn off blue light and siren at hospital
  • Redirection system has been improved. There is also a new icon
  • Personnel get off directly and together - Not individually as before
  • "Let it snow" - We have developed a plugin that allows us to activate snow, but also to deactivate it again, in a simple and uncomplicated way. In the future we will be able to activate and deactivate snow with a small update. Without much effort :)


Many hours have already gone into Brandstedt again. The navigation is constantly tested and revised. Blockers are set. Roads are re-routed, areas are rebuilt, ... Everything so that it is just perfect in the end. We would like to give you a few insights again this time:

Description: Rural area with farms, fields and animals. Creates a lot of space and opportunities for special operations. Person trapped under hay bale, wildfire, storm damage, tractor accident, etc....

Description: Brandstedt nuclear power plant. Tightly built industrial area with many halls.

Description on the left: Aldi parking lot at rush hour before a holiday ;) Depending on the spread, you may need 15-20 tow trucks. Description right: Church with a small but beautiful cemetery.

Description: Brandstedt Schwimmband. Located between Aldi and the train station. Details are still WIP. We will build our own 3D objects for this, which of course will take some time. Nevertheless, we wanted to show you what we are planning in this area.

We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into the current happenings with our developer blog. The look behind the scenes may let you understand how much work such a modification involves and that certain "features", even if they are still so small, need many weeks in development and testing.

If you like this, maybe we should stream again, or you have any other remarks: Write it in the comments :) We are looking forward to your reactions 8)


  • Do the things already exist now? No. Everything that is described and shown here concerns 1.0.
  • When is the update coming? There is no date yet. As soon as we are ready, we will announce it.
  • I haven't read anything about the 1.0 release, when will it be out? As soon as we are ready, we will announce it.

best regards

your Luedenscheid Team