LDS Operation | Gas leak

  • You are called to a gas leak, many injured victims are lying on the ground and your units are immediately contaminated upon exiting their vehicles. But what needs to be done on this call? How do you act and which variations does this call offer? This is what you will learn in this article.

    1.1.: There are alot of biologically contaminated victims lying on the floor. They are injured and must be treated and decontaminated as soon as possible. Before this can be done, you need to follow these steps:

    1.2.: Since the gas continues to spread, units without protective gear (Hazmat suits) cannot enter the area. There is no way to recognize which area is safe for your units. This is why you need to keep a safe distance! If you make units disembark that do not have protective gear, they will be immediately contaminated. Your best option is to call the Fire Brigade 3 on Brandstedt/Lüdenscheid and Fire Brigade 2 on Linzing. If you alarm the roll-off containers hazmat/respiration you can get more hazmat suits. (NBC accidents -> Helpful article for hazardous material operations)


    2.1.: Determine which kind of gas is present in the air and how dangerous it is. For this you need units with hazmat suits. They have the ability to check the ambient air.

    Send a firefighter with a hazmat suit into the yellow cloud. Now click on the menu "Technical equipment" and select the button "Check ambient air".

    2.2.: Now the ambient air is being measured. Once this is done, a small text appears at the top of the info box. There you will see e.g. "Chlorgas".


    Now you have to look out for a gas tank or a gas valve. These must be turned off with a firefighter wearing a hazmat suit.

    Once you have turned off the gas valve, the yellow clouds will disappear. The ambient air is clean again, which means that all personnel can now enter the scene again.

    TIP: While you are searching for the gas and turning it off, other firefighters wearing hazmat suits should be decontaminating people. If you wait until everything is turned off, the majority of victims will already be deceased. Practice makes perfect :) If you need further help, please do not hesitate to ask in the support channels of our Discord. Additionally, have the Ambulance chief triage all patients AFTER the gas valve has been turned off. This will help you avoid carrying already deceased patients into the tent and wasting important resources carrying them.