LDS WPT Calling A Tow Truck

  • Defective vehicles must be removed from the scene of the incident with Tow Trucks.
    Calling the Towing Service differs in the Game Mode with or without Control Centre connection.
    In the game mode without Control Centre, the tow truck must be called by police units. There is no direct link within the vehicle menu.
    1. After the policeman has steped out the police car, the vehicle to be towed can be selected with a right click.

    2. After that, a Tow Truck aproaches the scene automatically and loads the scrap vehicle. If necessary, you have to load it manually with a right click.

    After that, it automatically drives back to the HQ.

    During a match with a Control Centre connection, the Tow Truck must be called via the Dispatcher.

    (See here: Sonderfunktionen in der Leitstelle) [As of now: Currently only available in German Language. English Version is WiP]

    Last updated: 28/04/2022 - 10pm