LDS WPT Icons and their meaning

  • The multitude of different symbols in events can quickly confuse you at the beginning.
    Here you can find the most important ones in an overview:
    Standard icons

    1 Technical assistance:

    Ladder rescue -> person must be rescued with a turntable ladder

    Helicopter rescue -> person must be rescued with the police helicopter

    Person trapped -> Open door with firefighter and axe

    Person rescue -> Enter the building with police officers or firefighters

    2 Environmental effects on individuals:

    Contaminated -> person must be decontaminated


    Heat damage -> Person receives fire damage, increase distance to fire

    Attack -> The person receives damage

    Gunshot -> The person is shot

    3 Object icons:

    Bomb -> Must be defused with a bomb defuser

    Gas line active -> Find the control box and shut off the gas line with a firefighter to prevent fire from spreading

    Gas line switched off -> You must now reactivate it with the public utilities / the fault clearance service

    Defective switch box -> switch box, which must be repaired with the fault clearance service

    4 POL Icons:

    Offender -> Must be arrested by police officers

    Offender in car -> Must be stopped by police helicopter/drone

    Lock door -> door must be locked with a policeman

    Witness -> May be interviewed with police officers to obtain information

    5 Crashed vehicle:

    Defective vehicle -> Defective vehicle which must be towed away (if there are no more people inside)

    Defective vehicle -> In addition, a tow truck has already been called by the pole.

    Defective vehicle -> No parking space available at the towing yards

    6 Persons in car/truck/plane:

    Accident vehicle -> must be sighted with a group leader/response leader


    Accident vehicle -> no person is enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> one person is trapped


    Accident vehicle -> two persons are trapped


    Accident vehicle -> three persons are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> four person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> five person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> six person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> seven person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> eight person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> nine person are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> more than ten persons are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> more than fifteen persons are enclosed


    Accident vehicle -> more than twenty persons are included


    Accident vehicle -> more than twenty-five persons are included


    Accident vehicle -> more than thirty persons are included


    7 RD Icons:

    Emergency doctor needed -> Vehicle needs emergency doctor for the transport to the hospital

    Hospital assignment -> the control center must assign the RTW to a hospital / there are currently no beds available for the injury or no parking spaces at the hospital


    Helicopter Obligation -> person must be flown to hospital by rescue helicopter

    Disinfection -> The vehicle goes to the station, not ready for use, and must disinfect

    Injured -> person must be treated

    Infectious -> person is contagiously ill, paramedics in infection control suits are required

    Dead -> person is deceased, mortician must be requested

    Dead -> Undertaker was requested

    Dead -> No space available at the cemeteries

    ManV Tent:

    Patient being treated:

    1 patient ready to be picked up:

    2 patients ready to be picked up:

    3 patients ready to be picked up:

    4 patients ready to be picked up:

    5 patients ready to be picked up:

    6 patients ready to be picked up:

    8 Triage:

    Green -> Slightly injured/ill

    Yellow -> Severely injured/ill

    Red -> Critically injured/ill

    Black -> Deceased

    The symbols appear after you have performed a triage with the LNA. They represent the degree of injury of the patient.