LDS Mod does not start? Error after installation?

  • You can't install the mod with the launcher because you always get an error message? You have already installed the mod, but the game still crashes or the "restart" message keeps coming? Then follow the steps below. Most of the time there is still wrong / old data somewhere, which leads to problems.
    Help for solving the problem:

    1. Is in the Emergency Launcher also ONLY the mod: "Emergency Luedenscheid" activated?
    2. Have you already deleted the cache? You can do this with the Lüdenscheid Launcher
    3. Open the Lüdenscheid Launcher > select the mod > do a detailed error check
    4. Delete the folder "Emergency 5" in AppData.
      Path: %appdata%/Promotion Software GmbH/EMERGENCY 5

    We recommend all players who have already played Wuppertal or the SubMod Lüdenscheid to clear the cache beforehand. The plugins and many other game files have the same name, but are different. This can cause problems in the game.