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  • With flashbangs you can stun several offenders at the same time at a distance so that they cannot flee or attack you.
    In some game situations it may become necessary to stun offenders because they:

    • are armed with firearms.
    • appear in larger groups.
    • are at risk of fleeing.

    Since the use of pepper spray by police officers only works at close range and only on one person at a time, the SEK offers a good alternative for such scenarios in the form of the Flashbangs.

    The Flashbang can be used at a distance and affects the target and all surrounding persons.

    The use of the stun grenade can be arranged as follows:

    1. Selecting a SEK specialist
    2. Select the stun grenade by left-clicking on the symbol or by pressing "e" (if the selection is successful, the symbol is highlighted in blue as shown in the picture at the bottom).
    3. Mouseover on the target person so that a red circle forms around him/her (see picture).
    4. Right click on the person.

    After a few seconds, the SEK specialist throws the grenade and all offenders in the area highlighted in red are stunned and can be arrested without resistance.