LDS WPT Order mortician

  • Deceased persons must be removed from the scene of the incident by a mortician.
    Calling the funeral service differs in the game mode with or without control center connection.
    The mortician is needed to professionally transport deceased from the scene.

    The alerting differs whether you play with or without a control center.

    If you want to know how to call a mortician with control center (see here Special functions in control center).

    If you want to know how to use the mortician, start reading from point 3.

    If you play without a control center, there are two options: either you call the mortician as described in point 1 or you go to the alert menu and alert yourself.

    1. You have to right click with an emergency doctor on a deceased person.

    2. Then you can position the mortician nearby.
    3. When the mortician is on the scene, you have to right-click him to let him off.

    4. Then select the mortician and right-click on the corpse.

    5. When the corpse has been charged by the mortician, you simply send the vehicle home via the HQ button, and the game does the rest.