LDS WPT Ladder feed logic

  • Extinguishing with a turntable ladder is only possible with a connected water supply. For this purpose, a water connection must be established from a fire engine to the turntable ladder.
    If the turntable ladder has no water supply, this symbol appears:462-no-water-connection-png

    The symbol also appears when water is supplied directly from the hydrant.

    In order for the turntable ladder to receive water, it must be supplied by another vehicle. To do this, select the group leader of the corresponding fire engine.

    When the group leader is selected, a right-click on the turntable ladder is sufficientor or select the turntable ladder and right-click on a fire truck. Then a free firefighter of the fire truck/ the turntable ladder will set up the water line.

    To ensure that the fire engine does not run out of water, a water supply from the hydrant is required. For this, as with the firefighting attack, simply right-click on the hydrant.