LDS Installing the modification

  • How do I install the modification and what do I have to consider.
    1.) Make sure that there is no "Emergency Luedenscheid" folder in AppData!

    Press: WIN + R --> Type: %AppData% --> Open: Promotion Software GmbH --> EMERGENCY 5 --> mods


    If there is still a folder with the name "Emergency Luedenscheid", delete it.


    2) Go into the installation directory of Emergency, open the folder "Data" and delete the folder "Emergency Luedenscheid", if available! (Also in the trash)

    For Steam this is e.g.: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\EMERGENCY 20\data

    If you can't find it, you can also do the following: Right click on your Emergency.exe --> properties --> path = installation directory.

    If you do that you will come out at the "bin" folder. If you want to go to the "data" folder, you have to go back one folder. There you will find the "data" folder.


    3) Open the luedenscheid launcher and install the modification.

    Do you have problems with the launcher? Open it as administrator. This works as follows:

    a) Right click on the Launcher.exe --> Run as administrator

    --> Launcher will be executed only once as administrator


    b) Right click on Launcher.exe --> Properties --> Compatibility --> Check "Run program as administrator" --> OK

    --> Launcher is always executed as administrator


    It still does not work?

    - Maybe your AntiVirus blocks the download

    - Maybe you have a bad internet connection?

    - Have you ever deleted and reinstalled the launcher?