LDS Matrix display

  • With the Nissen Matrix you can cover various roleplay aspects, such as slowing down traffic. How to do this and what functions are available, you will learn below.
    There are 3 different matrix displays in game. All three are activated by selecting the vehicle and clicking the LED button. Most buttons have several functions stored in them, which can be switched through by clicking several times.

    They can be turned off by sending the vehicle home or by using the leftmost button.

    Here are a few example vehicles with their respective matrix and a few examples of the functions.

    City cleaning and some vehicles of the fire department for example the Lüdenscheider 14-TLF3000-01

    Arrows to the left/right and cross

    patrol car:

    Arrows to the left/right + accident indication

    Full blockage display

    Armored personnel carriers/city cleaning/Linzig 01-ELW1-01:

    Speed limits

    Traffic guidance displays

    Danger signs