LDS WPT Alert firefighting aircraft

  • Large-scale fires can be quickly brought under control with the firefighting aircraft.
    You will need an AB-ELW (roll-off container ELW) or the ELW2 and a fire brigade command service (C, B or A service).

    • First, the commander must get into the AB (roll-off container) or the ELW2.

    • Then you have to wait a few seconds until the symbol for the fire-fighting aircraft appears and deselect the roll-off container once and select it again.

    • Then you have to click on the symbol at the bottom of the screen and a red circle appears, which must then be placed where the plane should drop off the water.
      :!:Attention: In WPT MP games, this circle is given to the host, so you should agree on it beforehand.

    • After the aircraft has dropped the water, it must refuel and can only be alerted again afterwards.
      The progress of this can be seen above the ELW2 or AB-ELW.