LDS WPT Alarm and response order

  • In the control centre, alerting can be simplified by means of an alarm and response order [Alarm- und Ausrückeordnung - AAO]. For this purpose, Emergency Lüdenscheid comes with an AAO editor
    The AAO editor can be opened by selecting the Control Centre tab on the Emergency Lüdenscheid website:


    After that, it is possible to open the AAO Editor in the upper left corner:


    In the AAO editor, it is possible to reset the AAO in order to use the AAO prefabricated by Emergency Lüdenscheid or to create one of your own.


    Before creating your own AAO, it is best to delete all keywords first. (see above)

    Afterwards, new keywords can be created.


    Afterwards, it is possible to give the emergency keyword a name (e.g. B1, F1, KT0, etc.), or anything else can be entered.

    In the next step, the decision is made, whether the vehicles should approach with special rights for this alert. A tick in the field allows the units to start with special rights.

    With "Add vehicle", vehicles can be added to the AAO. Vehicles that are not directly displayed can be found under "Other vehicles".


    For some fire brigade vehicles, it is possible to set a prioritization.

    Depending on the selection, a vehicle of the fire brigade or the volunteer fire brigade is then alerted, provided that it is available.


    If the AAO is finished it is recommended to export it and save it in a text document to share it, reload it later or simply to save the AAO.


    Once an AAO has been created, it is not necessary to transfer it to the control centre, as the control centre uses the active AAO from the editor, which has the advantage that one can always adapt the AAO live.