First of all, we are glad to see so many English-speaking users playing this mod. For this reason, we are currently translating the website and wiki articles. We still ask for a little patience :)

Emergency Lüdenscheid is a modification of the computer game Emergency 5 and is based on the Wuppertal modification. Experience the fictitious Lüdenscheid fire brigade as the head of operations in a variety of missions that are represanting the real life. Fires, accidents or catastrophes. You determine success or failure with your decisions.

Until now, it was only possible either to solve missions in 3D in a strategy game or to simulate life on the screen of an emergency control centre with a control centre simulator. Emergency Wuppertal has managed to combine both. We are building up on this. As in Emergency Wuppertal, the control centre is available to you As a control centre dispatcher, you accept emergency calls and alert the necessary vehicles, which are controlled by other players.

What else awaits you?

◽️ More than 60 different vehicles free to use

◽️ The district of Lüdenscheid with various mission maps

◽️ New deployment sites and deployment types

Look forward to many new logics to experience even more realism on the map:

◽️ With Water Management, the days of infinite water tanks are over.

◽️ Breathing protection logic prevents emergency forces from running into a fire without protection

◽️ An improved treatment logic - differentiation between first responders, rescue service personnel and doctors

◽️ Virtual hospitals have limited resources and disciplines to consider

◽️ Cave-In Unit can pick up various roll-off containers and bring them to the scene of the incident

◽️ Hotkey commands for manual control of vehicles and turntable ladders

With the web control centre, many other functions are also available:

◽️ Processing of emergency calls - from the start of the alarm to the end of the emergency.

◽️ Realistic vehicle status system, which communicates interactively with the in-game vehicles.

◽️ Situation map with live updates to give the player a picture of the situation

◽️ Registration and planning of patient occupancy in the surrounding hospitals.

◽️ Self-editable alarm and response orders help the emergency services player to quickly alert all the necessary emergency services.

The new launcher brings many innovations with it. Among other things, the launcher will be multi-mod capable. This means that in the future you will also be able to download sub-mods via the launcher. But what is most important to us: Emergency Wuppertal will still be downloadable via the launcher. This way, we can always honour the Wuppertal mod and it will never be forgotten.