Emergency Luedenscheid | What happens next?

Dear community!

We thank you for the unbelievable support, more than 12.000 downloads, the very positive feedback, the constructive criticism, your ideas and your messages in the forum. Through this, we could already fix several bugs and further improve the mod.

We already have arrived at version 0.9.2. But that doesn't mean that the development stopped. Currently, many things are being tested in our internal beta team. Among other things, Digital195 has created a modular event plugin. With this change, events can be designed individually and more detailed. Each events can have different tasks. You can encounter a simple car accident but there's also a chance of spilling of operating materials. A tanker truck may have a leak that needs to be sealed. Gapers have to be turned away. Accident parts have to be removed by the city cleaning service and much more.

Meanwhile, DarkSilent gives full power in the control center. You can look forward to new features like: Multisession support, calltaker, assignment of guards to dispatchers and many other features.

But when will it be ready?

The next version will be 1.0.0. But it definitely won't be released tomorrow, nor in 2 weeks and not in 2 months. The development of new features won't be finished in a few days. It requires a lot of time in programming, as well as carrying out the testing process in Alpha, Beta and Early Access. So as usual, we won't provide a fixed release date. However, we can say, that if you notice the availability of the Early Access version, then it can't be that long.

From time to time we will show you something in the 📢︱modding-news channel on our discord server.

Early Access - What is that?

With the Early Access we want provide active, helpful and friendly users with the opportunity to play and test the new "presumed" release version in advance. This way we can collect feedback from people who haven't already tested for months and know everything inside out. A neutral view can still reveal one or the other problem.

In the meantime, we wish you a lot of fun with the current version of the mod. 🙂

Best regards

Your Lüdenscheid Team