LDS Cancel emergency doctor escort

  • In the case of operations with many injured people and, above all, many patients requiring an emergency physician, an emergency physician bottleneck can quickly arise. To ensure that the patients can still be transported away, the LNA can suspend emergency physician escort. However, this only works when there are at least 5 patients on a call. How does it work?
    Reminder: There must be at least 5 patients present at this operation.

    1. select the ambulance chief

    2. hold the "SHIFT" or "CTRL" key and move the mouse pointer to an ambulance that needs an emergency doctor. If you can cancel the emergency doctor escort, an icon will appear.

    By right-clicking on the vehicle (hold down SHIFT or CTRL), you can now cancel the emergency doctor escort.

    3. The ambulance chief will now move to the passenger door and talks to the ambulance crew for about 3 seconds. After that, the emergency doctor icon above the ambulance disappears.

    4.Now press "HQ" again. The ambulance will now drive to the hospital without an emergency doctor.