Debug Tool | Problems (Crashes / Lines / Circles / ... )

  • Your game suddenly looks weird, crashes, or behaves strangely? Then you have probably played with a tool that is intended for developers.
    Emergency has created a debug tool for developers. As you can see in the first sentence, this is FOR DEVELOPERS. If you play around with such tools and press buttons randomly without knowing what they cause, it's basically your own fault. We do not give support on this tool.

    Nevertheless, if you have destroyed your game with it, here's how to fix it:

    1. Press Windows+ R and type "%appdata%\Promotion Software GmbH\EMERGENCY 5\"
    2. Delete the file: emergency_5_debug_settings
    3. In case this did not help, delete the entire "Promotion Software GmbH" folder. The game will then recreate it, which will reset all settings.