Developer Blog #2

The first Sunday of September is here and we're back with another developer blog.

What happened in the last month?


Another great system has made it into the mod. We call it "IN-HOUSE-EVENTS" and it is, as you might guess, modular.

But what exactly is it now? What happens there?

In the case of an IN-HOUSE-EVENT, units must be sent into a building. After the situation has been investigated, either further units are requested or the operation is completed. We can create a wide variety of missions in this regard. Examples:

  • Residents of a house dial 911. A person has fallen on the 5th floor. The RD arrives, enters the house and treats the patient. It is now determined that the patient cannot be brought downstairs without additional forces. The fire department is alerted and supports the RD person with the rescue of the patient. Requirement: 2x paramedics + subsequent alerting: 4x firefighters
  • A person is reported to be calling for help in an apartment. The police officers enter the building and call for backup. Four police officers storm the apartment and arrest a person. Requirement: 2x Police Officers + subsequent alerting: 2x Police Officers
  • An elderly lady has fallen over in her apartment. The husband dials 911. The ambulance arrives at the scene and treats the patient. Sometimes an emergency doctor is called in, sometimes not.


Often the question came up, if the LNA doesn't get the function, that he can send all units home. Also an ORGL was mentioned once, which would be cool for roleplay. We can now say: YES! With the next update, the LNA will be able to send all units home or to cancel emergency vehicles that have arrived and are no longer needed. We don't know yet if an ORGL will come into the game. May be. But it may also not be. This will be shown in the course of further development.


There have also been changes in the settings. On the one hand, you can now set the size of the Bigger Mini Map. For blind people there is now the size: "magnifier" 8o

Newly added is the setting for "barrier tape". The barrier tape can, if used improperly, lead to crashes. This annoys the one or other player. For this reason there is now the setting: "Barrier tape: forbid/allow". The setting from the host counts. You can also change this setting during a round.

New Button:

There is a new button at the personnel. If you press this button, you jump to the corresponding vehicle.


Brandstedt is already slowly taking shape. Hundreds / thousands of hours have already gone into building the map and many more are needed to make sure everything is ready and working later. Today we would like to introduce a few special areas to you.

Brandstedt Fire Station 01:

A station that definitely makes you marvel. The design is similar to that of the Langenfeld fire department. The idea came from Leo. Danny built and textured the station. How it looks now, we show you here:

A special feature of this fire station are the large window panes, which allow a view inside at any time. In addition, the entire station is built to be open-house compatible. In the main building (center), the rescue service is located on the left and the command (A service, B service, C service), the fire engine and one TLF, GW-L and GW-W each are located in front. Offices and recreation rooms are located on the second floor. The outbuilding (picture on the right) offers again place for 7 special vehicles and contains a large high rack storage. Currently there are two Swap body vehicles, the CRANE and three Roll-off container. The control center is located on the 2nd floor of the office wing of the annex.

Federal Police:

The federal police have been given a new building. Four police cars, three police transporters and one civil patrol are stationed at this location.

City cleaning / workshop:

City cleaning and towing service share an area. Due to the modular event system, there are now two city cleaning vehicles.

Rural area:

Brandstedt has not only a densely populated urban area, but also many rural areas with family houses, farms and fields. On the right picture you can see a nice transition from the rural area to the Brandstedt Industries area. By the way, in the background you can see the nuclear power plant, which will certainly provide a challenge during one or the other event:)

Do you want to support us as a mapper? Then apply here.

We hope that we were able to give you a good insight into the current happenings with our developer blog. The look behind the scenes may let you understand how much work such a modification involves and that certain "features", even if they are still so small, need many weeks in development and testing.

If you like this, maybe we should stream again, or you have any other remarks: Write it in the comments :) We are looking forward to your reactions 8)

best regards

your Luedenscheid Team